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Cosmetic Gynecology - جراحة تجميل و تقويم الأعضاء النسائية

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Welcome to Cosmetic Gynecology Egypt – Dr. Amr Seifeldin

We are a premier medical clinic in metropolitan Cairo, Egypt – specialized in cosmetic reconstructive gynecology & urogynecology. Our surgical sub-specialty enables us  to integrate multiple surgical skills of a gynecologist, urologist, and cosmetic surgeon, and gives us a unique advantage as vaginal & genital reconstructive surgeons to manage  the most difficult pelvic, vagiEgyptian lotus womannal and vulvar surgery cases.

We treat the whole woman in terms of her cosmetic and  gynecologic health issues, and  manage any urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse that may be present at the time of the cosmetic procedure. This broad base of knowledge and experience combined with a sharp focus on aesthetics makes us the surgeon of choice, since cosmetic surgeons lack training in vaginal reconstructive surgery, and general gynecologists, lack training in cosmetic procedures.

Our clinic is the first unit in the region dedicated exclusively to cosmetic & reconstructive vaginal surgery, genital restorative surgery after FGM, pelvic organ prolapse treatment, and urinary incontinence correction. For this reason we receive visitors from Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and Europe, as we focus on providing our clients with personalized medical care, designed to suit their individual health care and aesthetic needs, restoring confidence, self esteem, and quality of life.

Our practice is very conservative in nature assuring comfort, privacy, and discretion; patients are seen by appointment only one at a time, and on time, providing an exquisite service with our commitment to the highest surgical and ethical standards within our profession, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Patients traveling to us, can have the option of same-day consultation & surgery, this is possible since our clinic is located within a gynecology hospital providing all necessary services. This is arranged by special request at the time you contact us, all necessary pre-operative tests will be performed on your arrival.

Medical tourism in Egypt:

Egypt has been a tourist haven for many years, owing to its ancient monuments, Red sea resorts, and exotic aura. It is also one of the fastest emerging destinations in medical tourism, offering world class medical services equal to those offered in Europe and North America, combined with low prices. Egypt has become a very affordable medical destination, and the ideal place to combine medical treatment with an unforgettable cultural experience, a nile cruise, or a seaside vacation. We welcome you in Egypt and look forward to your emails and inquiries.

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