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Mini tummy tuck & Liposuction

Pubic Lift: (Mini tummy tuck / Mons liposuction / Tightening abdominal muscles)IMG_0980

Pregnancy, weight loss & aging contribute to a flabby lower abdomen, weak abdominal muscles, and a fat bulge on the Mons Pubis.

A mini tummy tuck will help pull up the mons pubis and provide a flatter lower abdomen, by removal of the flabby fat bulge and excess skin from the mons pubis and upper parts of the Labia Majora, to  produce an aesthetically pleasing pubis, different procedures may be performed addressing patient’s desire and expectations.

1- Pubic liposuction: to remove some fat from the mons pubis.
2- Mini abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): removal of skin & fat.
3- Mini tummy tuck & tightening lower abdominal muscles: to produce a tighter waist line.


Mini Tummy Tuck & muscle tightening