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Vaginismus (Botox injection)

Vaginismus (التشنج المهبلي) is an abnormal involuntary muscle spasm-like condition of the vaginal and perineal muscles, it interferes with sexual intercourse making it painful and sometimes impossible, with avoidance of intimacy due to actual or anticipated pain (Sexual Penetration Disorder).

Botox is a potent muscle relaxant, and has been used in vaginismus cases with great success. A fine needle injection into the spastic muscles will effectively relax the muscles and temporary paralyze it, making intercourse possible, and a pleasurable experience.

Combining Botox vaginal injection, progressive self dilatation under general anesthesia, and scheduled vaginal dilatation with special vaginal dilators provides better long lasting results, with acceptance of intimacy and intercourse in 95over % of cases.

Other methods to deal with vaginismus are counseling & reassurance, vaginal widening procedures, and repeated Botox injection with scheduled vaginal dilatation.

Botox can also be used in treatment of facial wrinkles, neurological spastic muscles,  and resistant cases of urinary incontinence.